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Commission requests are welcome for almost any subject. Price would range from USD25 for a quick sketch to to USD500 per artwork depending on complexity. Send me a note and I'll let you know what you can afford would gets you.

Why are you here? 

138 deviants said I like the cannibal theme
25 deviants said I'm not into women-eating but my own fetish is somewhat related (beheading, snuff, bondage)
21 deviants said I know of you from outside Deviantart (forums etc) & I've been following your exploits
12 deviants said I'm not into cannibalism, I'm just here for the art
8 deviants said I'm here accidentally and your art is creeping me out
8 deviants said Other
6 deviants said I'm here by accident and I'm strangely turned on by this
4 deviants said I'm here by accident and I've no opinion



The Human Asado by ForbiddenFeast
The Human Asado
The man felt guilty of the horror he had perpetrated on the two girls, but the roasting meat smelled so good. Soon the guests would arrive and he would be well rewarded for doing all the dirty work.
A Dish of a Grand Design by ForbiddenFeast
A Dish of a Grand Design
And the feast is laid out to bare in the grandest of fashion to serve a hidden culinary society who specialises in the delicacy of beautiful young women. Their motto: 'Feast on the flesh of our human daughters because we are rich and powerful. Debase ourselves with the cow, goat or pig? We are beyond that. Our palates have evolved to the most taboo of meats, because we can and because we are bored. The young, the beautiful and the innocent would be the ultimate sacrifice, and ultimately, the most perfect feast. Because it is the most wrong.'


ForbiddenFeast's Profile Picture
Purveyor of fine female flesh
United States
I draw mostly women in delicious peril, sometimes as a tasty dish or luscious hunks of meat because I'm a little screwed up that way.

Commissioned works are very much welcome! Non-topical mainstream or fetish artworks are also welcome as long as the coin is good and that they are not illegal. Most importantly, these are works to celebrate the beauty of women in a dark and kinky way, with a little play on erotic horror. Do not take this work as anything more than works of fantasy.
Here's the link ---> (…) to download the magazine with a bunch of cannibal-themed horror erotica stories, for this edition, tales of unrequited love with fatal repercussions. A tale of a friend scorned, a legendary street fighter meets her end at the hands of the one who loved and was rejected by her, and a queen's revenge on her husband and her daughters are among the creepy tales in this issue with over 24 pages of lurid, violent and sexy artwork. Beware, mature content, so only 18+ of age allowed.



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Hey, thanks for the fav! :D your art is fantastic, I'm def watching you!
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It's my pleasure. Your art is seriously good! Waiting with bated breath for something more cannibal fetish related ;)
lil-miss-gorehound Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Hmm... I could stroll down that road :D I have some cannibal related drawings on my old profile (hopelessfangirl).
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Happy Birthday, I hope you found a sexy heroine for your Feast today.
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